Seminar & Practicum-Master of Information Technology Strategy - Carnegie Mellon University

Seminar & Practicum

The Seminar brings the cohort of students together to explore topics of particular interest.  Special military and civilian leaders will be invited as guest presenters in the speaker's series.

Additionally, throughout the first fall and spring semesters, students are required to attend weekly seminars offered by various departments from across the university. Seminar participants are required to write and submit a summary of each seminar that they attend as supporting documentation of their learning and engagement.

Units:  12
Schedule:  first Fall and Spring semesters, with each semester counting as 6 earned units.


The Practicum, offered during the summer semester, provides students with the opportunity to engage in a mentored team project, to delve deeply into a problem, and to create a solution relevant to information technology strategy.  

Units: 30
Schedule:  Summer semester

MITS cohort #1 finished its final Practicum paper, titled "Law of Armed Conflict: Implications for Navy Cyber Strategy". A condensed version of this paper titled, "Lifting the Fog on Cyber Strategy", was published in the US Naval Institute's "Proceedings Magazine", October 2013 Vol. 139/10/1,328.