Recruiting-Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University


Mechanical engineers are trained to be problem-solvers.  They have a background that encourages them to try new things and this is why mechanical engineers are often best-suited to be the leaders in establishing multidisciplinary work teams. In internship and full-time positions, our students bring with them a proven track record for next-generation thinking, innovation and inter-disciplinary strength that allow them to make an immediate, positive impact in the firms that employ them.

Each year the department compiles a resume book to highlight selected graduate and undergraduate students who anticipate degree completion at the end of that academic year.  To obtain the Mechanical Engineering resume book, please contact Chris Hertz.

In addition to our resume book, the Department of Mechanical Engineering also works closely with the university's Career Center where leading firms throughout the world recruit to find the best students to join their ranks and to lead their companies into the future.  The Career Center facilitates on-campus interviewing for internship and full-time positions for both undergraduate and graduate students.  To learn more about campus recruiting, please visit the Career Center's web site.