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Experience Vibrant Cultures

With careful planning, any Mechanical Engineering student in good standing may study abroad. Because many engineers work on international projects or for multi-national companies, the Department of Mechanical Engineering developed the Study Abroad Fellowship Program (a monetary award to approved applicants) to reward talented students who have planned a study abroad experience that meshes well with their degree and career goals. 

A variety of exchange options are available to students at Carnegie Mellon University. Most of these programs focus on the student's junior year, however other exciting alternatives exist for study abroad in the spring of sophomore year or fall of senior year. Opportunities for an academic experience abroad may be found in schools in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  The department has a study abroad guide available with suggestions for schools with probable course transfers to streamline the study abroad process.  Students are encouraged to inquire about an acedemic term at any university of interest.  Questions about transfer credit should be addressed to the department academic advisors.  Additional information is available on the Carnegie Mellon Study Abroad website.

Service Learning

As part of the Mechanical Engineering Department's effort to provide all students with the opportunity to become better acquainted with the multicultural global workplace, the department started a global educational initiative.  The International Service-Learning Engineering (ISLE) program sends a number of students abroad each year to conduct service-oriented projects which leverage, and build on, their engineering expertise.

Through such projects, we expose our students to different cultures through full immersion with local residents and volunteers.  By sending them to other parts of the world, we provide our students with engineering opportunities and challenges that will be both eye-opening and beneficial.  Today's engineers need to be prepared to solve formidable problems in any culture or part of the world.  Such a global experience is unique and invaluable—and perfectly complements the world-class curriculum and research students experience here in Pittsburgh.  Students have traveled to the Philippines, Peru, Rwanda and Jamaica; stories on these ISLE trips can be found in the Fall 2010, Spring 2011, and Fall 2012 issues of Carnegie Mech.

student perspectives

"At Carnegie Mellon, we are taught to think, reason, and attack challenges systematically.  It's often an exercise in endurance.  Through the heat, difficult challenges, and setbacks that naturally occurred during our trip to the Philippines, we also learned endurance.  We know we can keep going." -- Kwadwo Som-Pimpong after Manila 2010 ISLE trip

"You cannot maximize your potential by living only in a world of theory and equations.  You also need to go out there and gain hands-on experience.  I am grateful to the Department for providing this opportunity." -- Clair Hann after Manila 2010 ISLE trip

"Jamaica taught me to appreciate the amazing opportunities that exist at Carnegie Mellon.  This school allows me to achieve any dream I can think of and so much more." -- Christy St. John after Jamaica 2011 ISLE trip