Accelerated Graduate Program-Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Accelerated Graduate Program (AGP)

An accelerated program is available to Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students who also wish to complete a coursework Master's degree (link to MS coursework degree) in mechanical engineering. Exceptional students can apply for admission to the program at the end of the first semester of their Junior year and must meet the requirements for admission to the department's graduate program. Financial aid in the form of Teaching or Research Assistantships is not offered to students in the Accelerated Graduate Program.

As reflective of the CIT Integrated Masters and Bachelors Degree policy, effective Fall 2012, students may now complete their bachelors and masters degrees at the same time. (If completed in 8 semesters.) If a student needs a 9th semester to complete the masters degree they will be required to be graduate status during that 9th (and consequent) semesters. 

As previous, students must complete at least 24 units of graduate coursework by the end of the Senior year. A QPA of 3.0 or better must be attained in those courses, and they cannot be used to satisfy the requirements of the baccalaureate degree. Students must also have a cumulative undergraduate QPA of a 3.0 or higher. If a student is not completing both degrees in 8 semesters, during the summer immediately after the Senior year, students could complete up to 12 units of 24-793 Supervised Reading or 24-794 Master of Science Project. During the following Fall semester, students then complete all remaining coursework (a maximum of 60 units per semester). A total of 96 units are required for completion of the coursework Master's degree.

Interested students are required to complete the Accelerated Graduate Program Form.
*Students with a cumulative undergraduate QPA below a 3.0 must apply for admission via the Graduate Admissions guidelines. All portions of the application must be complete.

NOTE: Deadline for AGP applicants is April 30th of the Junior year. All questions regarding applications and requirements should be directed to the AGP advisor, Mrs. Barbara J. Fecich.