Research Laboratories-Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Research Laboratories

MechE faculty and students work together in laboratory research groups on the big questions in mechanical engineering.  (text to be improved) Click on the links below to visit the lab website and learn more about their research.

Microfluidics and Interfacial Flows Lab
PI: Shelley Anna

Biothermal Technology Laboratory
PI: Yoed Rabin

Computational Biomodeling Lab
PI: Jessica Zhang

Computational Engineering & Robotics Laboratory
PI: Kenji Shimada

de Boer Group
PI: Maarten de Boer

Design Decisions Laboratory
PI: Jeremy Michalek

Experimental Biomechatronics Lab
PI: Steve Collins

Integrated Design Innovation Group
PI: Jon Cagan

Laboratory for Transport Phenomena in Energy Systems
PI: Shawn Litster

LeDuc Lab
PI: Phil LeDuc

Multiscale Manufacturing & Dynamics Laboratory
PI: Burak Ozdoganlar

NanoRobotics Lab
PI: Metin Sitti

Nanoscale Transport Phenomena Laboratory
PI: Alan McGaughey

Particle Flow & Tribology Lab
PI: Fred Higgs

Nano Energy Lab
PI: Sheng Shen

Soft Machines Lab
PI: Carmel Majidi

Thermal Energy Engineering Lab
PI: Jon Malen

Visual Design and Engineering Lab
PI: Burak Kara