Admissions-Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Undergraduate Admissions

To apply, please visit the University's website for prospective students Prospective students must apply to the Carnegie Institute of Technology, or CIT, which houses all of the engineering departments, including Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical and Computer, Civil, and Materials Science Engineering. Once accepted into this college within Carnegie Mellon University, incoming freshmen will not declare their major until spring of their freshman year.

In the meantime, students usually take CIT requirements and two introductory engineering courses and are introduced to all of the engineering disciplines via orientation courses their freshman year.  This gives them a broad perspective of engineering and enables students to make more informed decisions when choosing their major. Before you apply, just remember you want to be accepted by CIT, the college, not the Mechanical Engineering Department. Good luck - we hope to see you soon!

Graduate Admissions

Students interested in one of the Mechanical Engineering Department graduate degrees or specialty areas should review the information in the department graduate admissions page for information on how to apply.