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Extreme Pad-on-Disk Tribometer

Pad Load: 0 – 50 pounds (0.454 – 22.7 kg)
Speed: 0 – 45m/s (linear speed)
Lubricant input type:

  • Solid lubricant pellet (Load up to 4kg)
  • Liquid lubricant
  Extreme Pad-on-disk Tribometer

Granular Shear Cell
(with varying inner-wheel roughness)

An annular shear cell was fabricated to study the behavior of granular flows in a shear cell, where the rotating wheel has a prescribed roughness. As shown in Fig. 1, the granular shear cell (GSC) has an aluminum frame with a Plexiglas body so that the dynamic behavior of the granular flow can be observed. The wheel is attached to a 1/16 HP motor capable of achieving a constant rotational speed of approximately 53 to 222 RPM, which corresponds to a linear velocity of 0.55 m/s to 2.29 m/s. The wheel radius is 8.57 cm (3.375 in) and the distant from the center of the wheel to the stationary outer cylinder is 14 cm (5.625 in). Thus, the gap height H is approximately 5.43cm. The steel spheres (diameter = 4mm) fill up the gap with a solid fraction = 0.7, which means that 70% of the overall shear gap volume is filled with the steel spheres or “granules” during operation.


Granular Shear Cell

Granular Shear Cell

(Wafer Polisher)

  • 22 in. Polishing Table. Rinse 1 & 2 for polish
  • 1 & 2 and load and reset.
  • 220/440V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz.
  • Specifications - Spindle torque: 1400 in./lbs.
  • Spindle load rating: 4200 lbs
  • Spindle Speed: 245 RPM.
  Strasbaugh 6CA

Hysitron TriboIndenter

This state-of-the-art nanoindenter is a complete automated nanomechanical test system, ideal for measuring the hardness and elastic modulus of thin films and coatings. The TriboIndenter® provides quantitative nanomechanical testing capabilities with the convenience of modern automation. Available in normal and lateral force loading configurations, the TriboIndenter® revolutionizes the sub-micron scale testing arena with real-time data collection and nanometer resolution in-situ SPM.

  Hysitron TribolIndenter