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Wilfred T. Rouleau

Emeritus Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
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Pittsburgh, PA 15213
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Although retired, Professor Rouleau maintains an active interest in research, especially aerodynamic methods for reducing erosion of blades in coal-fired gas turbines. While filters can remove large solid particles from the power gas, very small particles are difficult to remove and contribute significantly to erosion. He and his students carried out a numerical solution for particle paths in a blade passage that showed that the vortex secondary flows tend to drive very small particles into the blade and end-wall boundary layers, resulting in impacts and erosion, as well as causing a high concentration of particles in the boundary layers. These particle-laden boundary layers leave the blade passage as abrasive wakes which erode the blades in the next-following row.

As a result of these findings Professor Rouleau and his students recently investigated an aerodynamic method of erosion control utilizing injection jets to modify both the secondary flows and particle paths. The effectiveness of the jets was predicted numerically and their influence on secondary flows was verified experimentally.

Professor Rouleau's other research interests include wave propagation in Newtonian liquids and Bingham plastics with application to fluid transmission lines, water hammer control , bore-hole telemetry in oil-well drilling, and energy losses in very long pipelines.


B.S. 1951, M.S. 1952, Ph.D. 1954, Carnegie Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

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    Gas-Particle Flows, FED-Vol. 228, ASME Fluids Egineering Division, 1995, pp.49-54.
  • A.K. Mitra and W.T. Rouleau
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    Journal of Energy Resources Technology, Trans. ASME, vol. 110, no. 1, p. 43, 1988
  • A.K. Mitra and W.T. Rouleau
    "Radial and Axial Variations in Transient Pressure Waves Transmitted Through Liquid Transmission Lines"
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