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Gary Onik, MD

Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering

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Gary Onik pioneered the technique of ultrasound guided cryosurgical ablation, which has lead to the development of Interventional Oncology. Dr. Onik developed the instrumentation and techniques for focal therapy that allowed for the cryosurgical ablation of just the prostate cancer tumor, rather than the whole gland.  This initiative is now an accepted alternative to  radiation and radical prostatectomy and the preferred treatment for patients with prostate cancer who have failed radiation therapy.

His current research has focused on the development Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) tumor ablation with the "NanoKnife," a non-thermal procedure to treat inoperable pancreatic carcinoma.  The modality also holds promise for the treatment of other inoperable tumors including those of the head, neck, and brain.


B.A. Harvard University, 1974
M.D. New York Medical College, 1978



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1984-2008 Radiologic Society of North America
1986-1998 American College of Cryosurgery, President 1998
2012-present American Urologic Association