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Friday, May 31, 2013

MechE Students Receive Undergraduate Research Awards

Congratulations are due to all of the undergraduate students who participated in the Meeting of the Minds Undergraduate Research Symposium on May 8.  Research projects are a great way for undergraduates to deepen their learning and gain valuable experience.

We wish to congratulate the following MechE students and their teammates who received awards:

Alcoa Undergraduate Research Award, Third Place: Canute Haroldson (MechE), Christopher Henley (Design), Yaakov Lyubetsky (Design), Ajay Ravindran (CS), "Project Loci: Tangible Interactions with Information Systems"

Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry Award, Second Place: Spencer Barton (ECE), Connor Brem (CS), Steven Cunningham (MechE), David Lu (ECE), Rudina Morina (ECE &BME), Corinne Vassallo (Music & Physics), "Mechanical Logic"

Johnson & Johnson Undergraduate Research Award, Second Place: Alan Fu (BME & MSE), Siri Amrit Ramos (MechE), "Re-designing the Epinephrine Auto Injector"

Johnson & Johnson Undergraduate Research Award, Third Place: Adewale Desalu (ECE), Brooke Gladstone (MSE), Sohini Roy (MSE), Andre Sutanto (MechE), Ramyata Upmaka (MSE), "Scottie Dock: A Mobility Assist Device for Manual Wheelchair Users"

Sigma Xi Poster Competition, Third Place: Mikio David (MechE), "The Design and Optimization of Lorentz Force Driven Engines"

SRC-URO Poster Competition, Third Place: Andrea Pickel (MechE), "Thermal and Thermomechanical Modeling of Solder/Magnetic Nanocomposites for Area-Array Packaging"

Undergraduate Economics Program (UEP) Competition, Second Place (tie): Karthik Nagarajan (Econ & MechE), "School Choice: Diversity Constraints"

Full list of winners