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Friday, June 21, 2013

MechE Grads Step Up to StartUp

MechE grads Matt Stanton and Hahna Alexander have started SolePower, a company to bring their invention - a power-generating shoe insert - to market.

According to their Kickstarter, the idea started as a capstone mechanical engineering design project. They developed a proof-of-concept prototype for lighting up shoes so students could easily see where they were walking at night, and cars could easily see the students. They quickly realized that the power generation concept was more universal than small lights. By storing the charge in an external system, they could generate enough power to charge small, mobile electronics like cell phones. 

The waterproof insole slips into the shoe.  The battery is stored outside the shoe, either clipped to the top or around the ankle, and detaches to power up devices.

Check out this video from WTAE Channel 4:

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