Sitti Speaks at World Science Festival-Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sitti Speaks at World Science Festival

Professor Metin Sitti was invited as a VIP speaker to two panels at the World Science Festival in New York City last week.  

On Cellular Surgeons: The New Era of Nanomedicine, Professor Sitti joined a panel to talk about how nanorobots can perform tasks and surgeries inside the body never thought possible.  The panel, featuring Professor Sitti's soft capsule robot, was summarized on the World Science Festival blog.  Click here to view a video of the full panel.

Science on the Verge: The Next 10 Years of Nanomedicine reached into the future to discuss the possibilities of today's research.

"It was a great experience to meet and chat with top-notch scientists, artists, journalists, politicians, and most importantly the public in these events," he said.