Singh Leads Students on STEM Outreach-Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, September 6, 2013

Singh Leads Students on STEM Outreach

Showing car partsAssistant teaching professor Satbir Singh led students from the Carnegie Mellon racing team and undergraduate students from two honor societies to bring engineering to kids last spring.  The racing team showed off their Formula SAE car at the Carnegie Science Center.  The kids got under the hood to see how engineering makes for one exciting race day.
They also visited University Park Elementary School in Monroeville where they explained to kids how the movement of everyday objects, like a ball on a ramp, can be explained by principles of physics.

STEM OutreachThe outreach activities didn’t stop with kids. Last summer, Carnegie Mellon racing team discussed their racecar design project with middle and high school educators, in an on-campus event organized by CMU’s Leonard Gelfand Center. Students discussed how they got interested in engineering while attending high school.

Professor Singh is planning more outreach activities this fall to promote STEM education. Professor Singh wants to take CMU education outreach to the kids, and bring kids to campus to interact with students and faculty.