Rabin and Taylor at a SPARK Retreat on Transplant Medicine-Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, June 17, 2013

Rabin and Taylor at a SPARK Retreat on Transplant Medicine

Professor Yoed Rabin was invited to speak on engineering aspects in cryomedicine last week, at a SPARK retreat on transplant medicine at Nemacolin Woodlands. Cryomedicine is the use of extreme cold for medical applications, such as destroying cancer tumors or preserving tissues and organs. Adjunct Professor Mike Taylor also gave a presentation on hypothermic organ preservation.

"SPARK Retreats: Strategic Planning for disruptive innovation @ Highmark and CMU" are part of the new partnership between Highmark through its newly formed Allegheny Health Network and Carnegie Mellon University, targeting disruptive healthcare technologies. The goal of this partnership is innovation that dramatically changes simplicity, affordability and accessibility of patient-centric healthcare. The transplant retreat focused on potential pilot programs that have the opportunity to advance transplant service line offerings and enhance service line collaboration.

Professor Rabin has been invited to participate in future meetings on other areas of engineering in medicine.