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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Michalek's Study Featured in the New York Times

Associate Professor Jeremy Michalek's latest paper was featured in a New York Times article last week.   As electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular, the question of where and how to recharge them comes to the forefront.

Professor Michalek and his colleagues say that most car buyers will expect to have reliable daily access to a charger at home before investing in an EV. They estimate that less than half of U.S. vehicles have access to a dedicated off-street parking space owned by the driver where recharging equipment could be installed. This could present a serious long-term barrier to mainstream EV adoption beyond about 50%, they say.

The New York Times article examines alternatives for charging away from home, following the announcement that eight states have enacted laws in support of public-use charging stations. Michalek says plug-in hybrids can be more cost-effective as they do not require specialized charging equipment and can switch to gasoline whenever electricity is not available.

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