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Friday, June 28, 2013

How You Drive Affects Your Energy Efficiency

Concerned about your emissions from driving?  Should you buy a hybrid or a plug in electric vehicle?  That depends not only on where your power comes from, but how you drive, says Associate Professor Jeremy Michalek.  He and MechE researcher Orkun Karabasoglu in the Vehicle Electrification Group came to that conclusion in their latest paper in the journal Energy Policy.

The study, funded by the National Science Foundation, Ford and Toyota, appears as the EPA is rolling out new fuel economy labels starting with 2013 vehicles. "The new labels are improved, but no single test can capture all kinds of driving," Michalek said. "Hybrid and plug-in vehicles will do the most good at the lowest cost if adopted by drivers who spend a lot of time in traffic. For these drivers, hybrids are a win-win, and the benefits may be much more than the labels suggest."

This is the second time Professor Michalek has been published in Energy Policy this year.  Read more on the CIT news page or CMU news page.