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Friday, May 24, 2013

Malen & McGaughey Develop Heat Transfer Tool

As electronic devices get smaller more heat is created, which can mean big problems for manufacturers. Assistant Professor Jon Malen and Associate Professor Alan McGaughey, with CMU researchers Keith Regner and Zonghui Su have developed a tool to measure the thermal and vibrational properties of solids, called broadband frequency domain thermal reflectance. 

In a recent paper published in Nature Communications, the CMU team collaborated with Cristina Amon and Daniel Sellan from the University of Toronto to study materials in which heat is transferred by atomic vibrations in packets called phonons.  According to the authors, the new tool will give both industry and academia a clearer picture of how an electronic device's dissipative ability shrinks with its size, and how materials can be structured at the nanoscale to change their thermal conductivity.

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