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Friday, January 27, 2012

MechE Undergrad Takes Third Place at International Poster Competition

Gabriella Coloyan, a senior in Mechanical Engineering, won third place at an international poster competition at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), an international, graduate-level research university.

The competitive undergraduate research poster event is part of the university's Winter Enrichment Program, which was held this year from January 14-29, 2012.  Authors of the top 50 accepted abstracts were invited to spend a week at the KAUST campus in Saudi Arabia to present their posters and participate in the Winter Enrichment Program. Of the 50 finalists this year, 31 were from outside Saudi Arabia, and 11 were women.

Coloyan competed in the "Porous Materials" category for research she conducted last year under the supervision of Alan McGaughey on the thermal properties of single- and double- carbon nanotube systems. Understanding how these configurations affect thermal properties within an aerogel can help researchers tailor aerogels to specific thermal applications, like space heat shields, and energy conversion applications.  She continues her research this year with Professors McGaughey and Jon Malen.