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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cardmunch Acquired by LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently acquired CardMunch, the startup founded by Gai (E'06,'07), Viswanathan (E'06) and fellow alums Sudeep Yegnashankaran (E'09) and Manu Kumar (E'95, CS'97).

CardMunch lets users convert business cards to phone contacts by simply snapping photos via a mobile phone. Unlike other services, a team of human transcribers assures accuracy.

Gai and Viswanathan brainstormed the CardMunch concept during a meeting with Kumar from K9 Ventures, which provided the seed investment for the company.

Yegnashankaran signed on a month later.

"CardMunch is really a story of the power of the CMU network," said Yegnashankaran.

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Sid Viswanathan E'06 is a Mechanical Engineering alum who dual majored in Biomedical Engineering.