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Monday, September 13, 2010

Cagan & Boatwright Release New Book

Built to Love: Creating Products that Captivate Customers

Professors Jonathan Cagan and Peter Boatwright, co-directors of the Center for Product Strategy and Innovation, recently released their new book Built to Love: Creating Products that Captivate Customers.  Professors Cagan and Boatwright have worked on product and brand strategy with many market leaders and have found that to really connect with customers, emotions must be generated by the product itself, not simply tacked on through advertising.

“In an era of expanding social networking, product emotions are more important that ever in determining success in the marketplace,” said Cagan, the George Tallman and Florence Barrett Ladd Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the College of Engineering. “Consumers are looking for information on products and services from ‘third-party’ sources through social communication channels such as word-of-mouth, blogs, online-reviews, tweets, and Facebook posts. And what makes people talk about products, whether online or offline, is product emotions. That is part of why companies that do better at creating ‘high-emotions’ perform dramatically better in the marketplace.”
“When you think of a product you love, the emotions it evokes in you are what really grabs you,” said Boatwright, Associate Professor of Marketing at the Tepper School of Business. “Given comparable quality standards, performance and function, two competing products do not always stand as equal in today’s marketplace. The difference is emotions. Unfortunately, companies often miss this concept in their innovation processes, which has led to the diminished success, or outright failure, of many products and services that functionally perform quite well.”

In the video below, Profs. Cagan and Boatwright further discuss their new book.

Professor Cagan also was interviewed at for their podcast The Real Story, dated 10/1/10, on WTOP radio on 11/7/10, and on WTAE evening news on 11/30/10.

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