Malen Receives AFOSR Young Investigator Award-Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, November 12, 2010

Malen Receives AFOSR Young Investigator Award

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Jon Malen, one of 43 scientists and engineers selected this year for the Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Award

Professor Malen's proposal is titled "Tunable thermal conductance in heterostructured interfaces. The goal of the project is to study thermal transport in interfaces that are engineered by the presence of one or two layers of small organic molecules ~1nm in size.  The vibrational properties of these molecules are anticipated to control the rate that thermal energy (i.e. heat) transmits across the interface.  Like optics filter colors of light, different molecules may filter vibrations that transmit heat, enabling unprecedented tunability of thermal conductance.  Technologies related to energy conversion, thermal management, and high-resolution imaging will be impacted if the investigation succeeds.

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