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Friday, June 25, 2010

Congratulations to 2009-2010 ME Graduates & Awardees

The Mechanical Engineering Department extends congratulations to the 174 graduates (101 B.S., 12 Ph.D, 50 M.S., 8 MPD, and 3 MSCDM) for the 2009-2010 academic year.  It was quite a year for the Class of 2010 - the university community celebrated grand openings for new buildings; participated in activities surrounding the G-20 Pittsburgh Summit; fought a city proposal to tax student tuition; hosted its largest television broadcast and several U.S Cabinet members, including Hillary Rodham Clinton; endured an outbreak of the H1N1 flu; and survived a snowstorm that canceled classes for an unprecedented three days! 

Class of 2010 - Congratulations!  You're alumni now and the Mechanical Engineering Department is excited to see how you will change the world.  Keep in touch!


The Department of Mechanical Engineering values all its students - they are the best and brightest.  The following students received additional commendation for their efforts.

Bennett Award

This fund was established in 1964 by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bennett in honor of Mr. Bennett's parents to award students for excellence of work in Mechanical Engineering.  The award is granted to the student(s) with the highest QPA.  4 students had 4.0 this year! 

Sara Whitby
Meng Yee Chuah
Jason Huber
Michael Burkholder

Forstall Award

This award, recognizing an outstanding senior based on academics, leadership and contributions to the department, was established in honor of Walton Forstall, a professor here in Mechanical Engineering from the 1950’s until the 1980’s.  This year, two students were selected by faculty vote.

Michael Barako
Marina Musicus

Best Teaching Assistant  Award

The Best TA Award is given in memory of Raymond J. Mosula, Jr. to the best graduate student (PhD) teaching assistant of each semester, based on a vote of all students in classes with an assigned TA.

Fall Semester - Iacopo Gentilini, Engineering Computation  
Spring Semester -  Jeremiah Mpagazehe, Thermal Fluids and Experimentation

Judith A. Resnik Award

The Judith A. Resnik Award was established in 1990 to recognize and encourage an outstanding female senior planning to attend graduate school whose academic performance, creativity and vision illustrate potential for high academic achievement in her field and future contributions to the wider community. 

Marina Musicus- Honorable Mention

Research Honors

Advisor name in parenthesis

Michael Barako (Alan McGaughy) - Quasiperiodic Nanostructures for Low Thermal Conductivity

Keith Baren (Jon Cagan) - Exploring Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Life Cycle Analysis and Analytical Methods

Michael Burkholder (Shawn Litster) - Ex-situ visualization and pressure drop analysis of two-phase flow in parallel PEM fuel cell air-delivery microchannels

Charbel Eid (Shelley Anna) - Effect of Colloidal Microspheres on Droplet Formation

Brian Gaudio (Fred Higgs) - Particle Based Tribology: Single Particle and Granular Lubricated Journal Bearing Experiments

Matthew Glisson (Metin Sitti) - Mechanical Design Improvement for a Dry Adhesive Based Wall Climbing Robot

Thomas Lambert (Fred Higgs) - Comparing Open Source vs. Commercial Computational Fluid Dynamics Software for testing in-house PFTL Codes

Alberto Landa Montano (Burak Ozdoganlar) - Metallic Micro-Droplets from a Microfluidic Process

Gary Lee (Alan McGaughey) - Water Droplets in Carbon Nanotubes

Christopher Lin (Yoed Rabin) - Developing a scanning device for imaging of cryopreservation processes

Daniel Liptz (Fred Higgs) - Friction and wear in self-replenishing WS2 and MoS2 powder films

Yung-King Leo Ma (Fred Higgs) - Deep oil drilling for fossil fuel energy

Marina Musicus (Phil LeDuc) - Separation of Cells From a Tumor Biopsy Using Chemotactic Gradients in a Microfluidic System

Nicholas Russell (Kerem Pekkam) - 2-Dimensional Fluid Structure Interaction Modeling of Endothelial Cells

Shaun Swanson (Shelley Anna) - Applications for Highly Uniform Micro-Cavity Arrays in Flexible Elastomer Film

Geo Thukalil (Fred Higgs) - Modeling abrasive wear in artificial hip joints

 Sara Whitby (Metin Sitti) - Mechanical Design Improvement for a Dry Adhesive Based Wall Climbing Robot

Ryan Yates (Fred Higgs) - Friction and wear in a self replenishing tungsten disulfide powder film

Justin Yi (Shelley Anna / Stephen Garoff) - Patterned Surfaces for Simple Multiplexed Rapid Point of Care Diagnostics