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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Students Enjoy a New Space

This summer, the Department of Mechanical Engineering renovated its graduate student lounge and added a new lounge for undergraduates—ensuring that all students have a bright, comfortable place to study or simply relax between their MechE classes. Located on the second floor of Hamerschalg Hall, Room B134, the new undergraduate lounge has been outfitted with new carpeting, sofas, and tables perfect for reading or studying.  The students use an identification card to gain entry to the room.  

The Department, in collaboration with the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Organization (MEGSO), also designed renovations for the existing lounge for graduate students, located in the subfloor of Scaife Hall. Like the undergrad lounge, this space includes new carpeting and furniture—but the partnership with MEGSO took the transformation a step further. Grad students can now solve engineering problems and practice mock quals on a new 100-inch projection screen fed by an HD projector, which is also equipped with PlayStation3 input and surround sound. They can enjoy cold beverages from a full-size refrigerator or hot beverages from an upscale Keurig machine.  

According to MEGSO President J.D. Taylor, this new lounge offers important benefits for hard-working MechE grad students.  “The purpose of MEGSO is to enrich and expand the graduate student experience, and the recent renovation of the graduate lounge is a perfect example of this,” says Taylor. “MechE grad students are very fortunate to now have one of the nicest settings on campus to meet, relax, and study. We all thank the Department for its extraordinary generosity in making this project possible.”