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Friday, August 1, 2008

Fall '08 Undergraduate Teaching Fellows & Study Abroad Fellowship winners

Undergraduate Teaching Fellows
Rising juniors and seniors are selected as teaching fellows each semester and receive a small monetary award and an appointment, which may be renewed. This semester eleven outstanding students were identified during a rigorous selection process that included nominations from faculty and undergraduates, interviews to assess applicants' interest in teaching, and an engineering problem to solve.

The Fellows are:

           Eric Blood   UF_Blood08 LOGO        Atishe Chordia  UF_Chordia08 LOGO
Alexandra German  UF_German08 LOGO   Eleanor McDaniel  UF_mcdaniel08 LOGO
    Nicholas Roche  UF_Roche08 LOGO               


Madhur Paharia                    
Vidur Singhal              

Each fellow has been assigned to support a core undergraduate course in the Fall semester. Their potential responsibilities include assisting in hands-on design or computational projects, running laboratories (with help from graduate teaching assistants), holding office hours, and running help sessions. These undergraduate teaching fellows will gain an entirely new perspective on the undergraduate classroom as well as being introduced to a teaching career at an early stage.


Study Abroad Fellowship
In the spring of 2008, the CMU Department of Mechanical Engineering initiated the Mechanical Engineering Study Abroad Fellowship Program. The goal of the program is to get ME students excited about study abroad opportunities, and to reward talented students who have planned a study abroad experience that meshes well with their degree and career goals.  Applications are evaluated based on the detailed study abroad plans presented by students, and student credentials.

The winners are:

       Michael Barako   StudyAbroad_Barako LOGO        Matthew Kuhn  StudyAbroad_Kuhn LOGO
         Gregory Valvik  StudyAbroad_Valvik LOGO