Internal Funding-Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Internal Funding Opportunities through Carnegie Mellon

Financial Aid Information

Students who are interested in applying for external fellowships should see their advisor or check the on-line information provided by the Office of Scholarships and Fellowships Web site. The Web site is an excellent resource for locating an abundance of information regarding available funding for students.

Financial Assistance
Research assistantships and special fellowships are available to qualified, full-time students in the Ph.D. program. Financial aid from the department includes full graduate tuition plus a monthly stipend for each academic month. Health insurance, activities and other fees are the responsibility of the students. 
Many students pay for their Carnegie Mellon health insurance and other charges directly from their stipend through TMS.  Information regarding this option is available on the Student Health Office web site. Other questions concerning payment options should be addressed to The Hub.

Financial Assistance is renewable based on a student’s acceptable performance in course work and research and availability of funds.

If a student is supported by the department through an external grant or contract, and this funding is lost, reduced, or changed, the advisor will notify the student accordingly. All efforts will be made to facilitate the student’s continuation in his/her degree program, if the student is progressing in an acceptable manner.

Emergency Loans
The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs offers short-term emergency loans for supplies, medication, food or other unexpected circumstances. The loans are interest-free and for short periods of time (not longer than a month).

Stipends are issued once per month, on the last business day of the month.  December stipends are usually distributed a little earlier, due to the holiday season.  CMU payroll is a paperless system.  Students who receive stipends are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit.  Contact the MechE Business Manager with questions.

The deadline for local, state, and federal taxes is April 15.  Questions about your tax status should be addressed to the IRS or the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. Although subject to federal taxes, student stipends are generally not assessed local or state taxes.