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Tuition & Funding

Current tuition rates and cost of living including books, insurance, activities and technology fees, food and logding costs can be found at the Enrollment Services website. Research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and special fellowships are available to qualified, full-time students in the Ph.D. program ONLY. Financial aid from the department includes full graduate tuition plus a monthly stipend. Health insurance and activities fees are the responsibility of the student. Master's programs are not funded by the department, however students are welcome to apply for external funding opportunities. Please review the extensive data available on-line:

Research Assistantships
Research assistantships are provided by research projects which are funded by government agencies, private industries, and consortia. R.A.s will be expected to conduct appropriate research under the direction and guidance of their research advisor.

Teaching Assistantships
Teaching assistantships are awarded to faculty members who then award these positions to selected students. Teaching assistant duties include, but are not be limited to, holding office hours, conducting recitation classes, and grading. There are minimum English proficiency requirements that must be met in order for a student to accept a teaching assistantship. Pennsylvania state law requires that all students who are not native speakers of English take and pass a state administered proficiency test. Support for teaching activities can be found through the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence, located in Warner Hall 425. Students who will be T.A.s for the department are encouraged to visit the Teaching Center and to take advantage of the information and services located there.

Outside Employment
Students are not allowed to be employed outside of the university during the academic year nor during the summer if they are being supported by the department.

Semester Breaks and Vacations
Students with graduate assistantships are expected to continue with their research during academic breaks (including the Summer months) with the exception of the official university holidays. A complete list of the official university holidays can be found at the Human Resources website.

Due to federal regulations governing graduate student support, paid time off for personal business and vacations is not provided.  A supported graduate student wanting to take a one week break during one of the summer months in which they are receiving a stipend is expected to get approval for that break with their advisor and make up the work during the other three weeks of that month.  Supported graduate students wishing to take longer periods of personal time off must do so without pay and must receive advanced approval from their research advisor a minimum of four weeks prior to the requested time off.  The advisor must then notify the Graduate Program Administrator and Business Manager of this approval so that stipend adjustments can be processed.

Consumer Information
Carnegie Mellon University suggests that all current and prospective students be informed consumers.  Please see this link for detailed consumer information