Advising-Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Graduate Advising

All students entering a graduate degree program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering will be assigned a research and/or academic advisor. A research advisor is specifically involved in the area of interest that the student wishes to study. Because of this specificity, changing of advisors is only recommended if the student changes research areas.

Ph.D. students are assigned advisors upon their acceptance to the department. The advisors are chosen based on the student’s are of interest and how well it fits with the research of the faculty member. Incoming M.S. students will have an academic advisor to aid them in early course selection and curricula decisions.

Advising is monitored by the Graduate Program Coordinator and the Graduate Committee. If a student has any problems with his/her advisor, he/she should talk to the graduate coordinator who can present it to the Graduate Committee. All students are responsible for insuring that they are satisfying the requirements of their degree.  In the case of research degrees, the advisor is responsible for notifying the student regarding the progress of the research. Note that all graduate students are treated equitably by all advisors, by the Graduate Coordinator and by the Graduate Committee.