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Mechanical Engineering students have access to the machine shop to complete course projects.  All MechE students are required to take 24-200 Machine Shop Practice before working on independent projects. Shop staff Jim, Ed, and John will be happy to advise on design for manufacturing.  Please see the resources below for how-to and other practical knowledge.


(3)  Sharp 3 axis knee mills w/ Readout
(3)  12” Knuth bench lathes w/ Readout
(3) Knuth gear drive drill press
(1) Bandsaw
(2) Epilog  50 wt.  laser cutter/engraver
(2) MakerBot FDM rapid prototyping machines
(2) Stratasys Dimension Elite FDM Rapid Prototyping machines
(2) Haas 3 axis CNC Office mill

Safety Guidelines

EH&S Student Training



McMaster Carr
MSC Industrial Supply Co.
O Ring Catalog
Clinton Aluminum
Online Metal Store
Curbell Plastics
Discount Steel

Technical Information

American Machinist - a website on machining topics
Shop Lords Wiki- a resource for tools and materials
Speeds and Feeds Wikipedia
Cutting Speeds Reference Chart
Drilling Speeds Reference Chart
Drilling Speed and Feed Calculator
Milling Speed and Feed Calculator
Hole & Tap Size Chart
Metric Tap Size Chart
Sheet Metal Thickness Gauges


How to use a standard micrometer[YouTube]

How to use calipers[YouTube]

Crash course in milling[YouTube] | Part 2

Lathe Operation[YouTube] | Part 2

How to square a part[YouTube]

How to use taps and dies[YouTube]

How to use the laser cutter[YouTube] | Part 2 | Part 3

How to use the 3D Printer[YouTube]

How to use the Dimension Elite FDM Rapid Prototyping machines [PDF]

How to use MakerBot [PDF]

Ship to:

Carnegie-Mellon University
Dept. of Mechanical Eng

Hamerschlag Hall C-124
Pittsburgh, PA  15213

*Please be aware that you MUST use UPS. USPS does NOT ship to the shop.

If you plan to use university funds for your materials, please refer to the guidelines for purchasing and expense reimbursement.

Shipping Materials to the Shop