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Short Courses & Tutorials

Short courses are  non-credit, non-required courses offered to students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering who want a more thorough exposure to shop skills or software packages.  They are a resource by which students can increase their skills outside of the classroom, at their own pace.

These short courses, and the points of contact for them, are as follows

  • Machine Shop Short Course 
    The course is a six week course meeting for two hours per week, usually starting at the beginning and the middle of each semester.  Class is held in the Student Shop and will be conducted by the Mechanical Engineering Shop Staff.  A sign-up sheet will be posted in Scaife 426 several weeks before each machine shop course.  For further details, check here for class information or email Jim Dillinger.
  • FEM/Ansys Short Course
    By going through the problems you will learn: (1) what Finite Element Method (FEM) is, (2) how to model engineering analysis problems using FEM, and (3) how to use a commercial FEM package, ANSYS.  The course is self-paced, self-directed.  For further details, email Professor Jack Beuth or visit the course website .
  • Pro/Engineer Short Course
    We encourage all undergraduate and graduate students to finish this web tutorial before they graduate: It is an easy and effective way for you to learn an essential skill not directly covered in the regular required courses, but will be useful in your future career in industry.  For details, email Professor Jack Beuth or visit the course website .

 are brief guides that are linked to specific projects in undergraduate courses. The idea is to give you self-paced learning tools to help in computer-aided engineering (CAE) course assignments.  Tutorials are designed to allow you to effectively work on projects using sophisticated engineering software without previous training in navigating the software interface. Tutorials are available for Matlab, Adams, MathCad, Mini-FEA, Solidworks, ZCorp, Pro Engineer and Ansys for assignments in Mechanical Engineering core classes and electives.

A description with links is available at:

The development of our  CAE Tutorials (and Short Courses) is supported by the National Science Foundation, through a project entitled, "An Information Technology-Based Template for a Background Curriculum in Computer-Aided Modeling and Design".  A major goal of this project is to disseminate our CAE curriculum plans, assignments and software tutorials to other universities.