Teaching Fellows-Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Undergraduate Teaching Fellows Program

Leaders in the classroom

MechE has implemented the Undergraduate Teaching Fellows Program to provide top undergraduates with an opportunity for both teaching and leadership experience.  Rising juniors and seniors selected as teaching fellows will receive a small monetary award and an appointment for one semester, which may be renewed. Outstanding students are identified during a rigorous selection process that includes nominations from faculty and undergraduates, interviews to assess applicants' interest in teaching, and a 10-minute statics problem.

Each fellow has been assigned to support a core undergraduate course in the Fall semester. Their potential responsibilities include assisting in hands-on design or computational projects, running laboratories (with help from graduate teaching assistants), holding office hours, and running help sessions. Undergraduate teaching fellows play an important role in MechE's "Thermal Fluids Experimentation and Design" and "Mechanical Systems Experimentation" courses, designed to give students more in-depth laboratory experiences. These undergraduate teaching fellows gain an entirely new perspective on the undergraduate classroom-as well as being introduced to a teaching career at an early stage.