Registration-Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University

Full & Part Time Status

Students may be registered as full or part time students in the department.  Full time status is obtained by registering for at least 36 units.  Although, in order to complete the Master’s degrees in mechanical engineering as a full time student, the number of units should be 48 each semester.  This will allow a full time student to accumulate the total required units of 96 for the course work master’s in one year and 192 for the project master’s in two years. Students are limited to a maximum of 54 units (total) per semester; the additional units (above full time) may be used to audit courses in preparation for the qualifying examinations.

In order to remain in compliance with immigration regulations, international students must be registered full time; at least 36 units; for two semesters during the academic year.  During the final semester before graduation, an international student may be registered for less than 36 units if they receive special advanced permission from the department and the Office of International Education (OIE).  For additional information about immigration requirements, check with OIE.

Although part time students are typically working toward a Master of Science Course-work degree, some students do pursue Master of Science Research Option and Ph.D. degrees on a part time basis.  However, MS-Research and Ph.D. students must be registered as full time students to receive a monthly stipend.  Part time students are not required to satisfy the seminar requirements of their degree. Part time Ph.D. students should be aware of the one-year residency requirement for the degree and they have six years after passing the qualifying exams to complete their degree.

Student Information On-Line (SIO) Registration Instructions

Go to the HUB Website, and work through the four easy steps for registration.  You will be asked to authenticate with your Andrew ID and password.  

Use the Schedule of Classes to help prepare for registration.

For questions regarding registration please contact The HUB.


Visiting Your Graduate Program Coordinator

Use the Online Appointment Scheduler to schedule an appointment with the appropriate Graduate Program Coordinator to review your requirements and ask questions about registration.