Department Resources-Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University


Scaife Hall 406 has mailboxes for faculty, staff and students. Each bin is shared by several grad students, so please check your mail frequently to avoid overstuffed bins. Campus and regular mail is picked up from the same room daily when the new mail arrives at about 9:00 a.m. The new mail is usually sorted and in the bins by noon. Graduate students may have mail sent to:

Your name
c/o Department of Mechanical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue, Scaife Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Computing Resources

In addition to facilities possibly available to your research group and the campus at large, the ME department maintains a cluster on C level (C101) in Hamerschlag Hall. 

Office Assignments

The Graduate Program coordinator and the Department Head make every attempt to accommodate graduate student office assignments based on availability of space.  Students performing experimental work are normally assigned office space in or near their lab.  Those performing theoretical work are assigned to Scaife Hall or Hamerschalg Hall depending on space availability.  For those labs without appropriate “study” space, the student may be assigned a desk in a community office space maintained by the department.   Keys for offices require a deposit.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, attempts are made to keep office moves to a minimum.

Long distance phone service is available from office phones.  Each student receives an access code and is responsible for paying his/her own phone bills for these charges.  A bill will be distributed each month in department mailboxes.  Please direct all questions about telephone billing to Michael Scampone.

After students are assigned an office space, it is their responsibility to keep the area clean and free of obstructions. Furniture should remain in the configuration that it is found; specifically in common areas.

Because other students generally share office space, courtesy must be practiced at all times. These are work areas and therefore, personal belongings, such as bicycles, are not permitted in the office. There are bicycle racks located in front of Scaife and Hamerschalg Halls.

Any changes to office assignments must be pre-approved and documented. Questions or concerns regarding office assignments should be directed to the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Department Keys

Mechanical Engineering Department Building/Lab/Room keys are disbursed to enrolled graduate students with authorization of a faculty or staff member.  Keys are recalled upon job termination, before graduate, or at the requst of the authorizing faculty/staff member as appropriate.  A deposit is required on all keys issued to graduate and post doctorates.  A deposit is forfeited on keys lost or not returned. The deposit for Sciafe Hall entrance keeys is $10.00 and for room/laboratory keys the deposit is $5.00.  Please see the Meredith in the MechE Department Office (Scaife Hall 401) with your signed approval and deposit to obtain a key.