What is a Science Show?

One of the more popular types of Van visit is the Science Show or Science Assembly. A Science Show is simply a series of science demonstrations presented to a large (approx. 50 or greater) audience. The length of a Science Show can run from 45 minutes up to 2 hours maximum. A typical CMU Science Van Show will cover up to four distinct science topics--Bernoulli's Principle (always very popular with the students, especially the "windbags"), Electrostatics (also very popular--everyone gets a "charge" out of these demos), Light & Color (truly en-"light"-ening and "color"-ful), and Cryogenics & Fuels ("Coooooool!", "Hot!", a "blast"). A number of our Science Shows have focused on one science topic, such as the assemblies on Bernoulli's Principle. In all of our science shows, we select our demonstrations so that a smooth connection is made among the topics we present in a given assembly. Our past experience in presenting science demonstrations tells us that a smoothly running show, with plenty of thought-provoking demos, catches the audience's attention every time! By the way, "thought-provoking" does not mean loud noises, fireworks, and big equipment. Something as gentle and quiet as soap bubbles of air floating atop a fish tank with a few pieces of dry ice at the bottom, can be incredibly thought-provoking!!

To arrange for a Van visit to your school to present a Science Show, please contact:

Hugh Carr (hcarr@andrew.cmu.edu).

In your correspondence, please provide as much information as you can regarding the visit. Hugh will contact you regarding your request.

As we mentioned above, our "standard" Science Show consists of four main science topics: Bernoulli's Principle, Electrostatics, Light & Color, and Cryogenics & Fuels--not always in this order. We have done, and can do, science shows involving one or perhaps two science topics. We can set up a science show to fit your needs. Please give us plenty of advance notice (two months is good) to plan such an event.

If you have further questions about our Science Shows--or any aspect of the CMU Science Van Program, call us at (412) 268-4229, or e-mail any of the Van Guys:

Dr. Garry Warnock (warnock@andrew.cmu.edu)

Hugh Carr (hcarr@andrew.cmu.edu)--to schedule a visit.

John Ziegler (jziegler@andrew.cmu.edu)


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