What Types of Hands-On Classroom Activities Does the CMU Van Program Offer?

The CMU Science Van Program offers a number of "hands-on" activities for middle-school science classrooms. The term "hands-on" means that the science experiments are performed by students, individually or in groups, in a classroom setting. Hands-on classroom activities are designed to run for the length of a typical class period (approx. 40 minutes).

Classroom activites we currently offer include:

Bernoulli's Principle:

Simple Machines: Efficiency of the Wheel & Axle

Simple Machines: Efficiency of the Pulley

Chemistry In A Bag:


Hands-On Periodic Table:

Electricity and Magnetism:

Phase Changes:

Measuring Time with Pendulums & Springs:

Identification of Minerals using Specific Gravity:

Measuring the Speed of Light using Snell's Law:

Laws of Lenses & Mirrors:

Color Mixing of Light & Pigments:

If you're interested in having the Van Guys conduct one of these hands-on classroom activities for your middle-school science classes, please contact:

Hugh Carr (hcarr@andrew.cmu.edu)

or call (412) 268-4229, to arrange for a Van visit. If you have questions regarding the above activities, call (412) 268-4229 or e-mail one of the Van Guys:

Dr. Garry Warnock (warnock@andrew.cmu.edu)

Hugh Carr (hcarr@andrew.cmu.edu)--to schedule a visit

John Ziegler (jziegler@andrew.cmu.edu)


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