Typical First-Year Course Schedule-Mellon College of Science - Carnegie Mellon University

Typical First-Year Course Schedule

Fall Semester

Course Title
21-120 Differential & Integral Calculus
xx-xxx Science Core Course
xx-xxx Science Core Course
76-101 Interpretation and Argument (designated writing)2
99-10x Computing@Carnegie Mellon
xx-xxx Optional 3- or 6-unit Course

Spring Semester

Course Title
21-122 Integration, Diff. Equations, & Approximation
xx-xxx Science Core Course
xx-xxx Departmental Requirement from Intended Major
xx-xxx Humanities or Social Sciences Course
xx-xxx Elective Course

If you have taken Advanced Placement exams, your freshman year might be different. In general, we accept only scores of 4 and 5 from the AP exams. See the Mellon College of Science AP exam policy for detail.

Science Core Courses

Course Title
21-120 Differential Calculus & Integral Calculus
21-122 Integration, Differential Equations, and Approximation
33-111 Physics for Science Students I
33-112 Physics for Science Students II
03-121 Modern Biology
09-105 Introduction to Modern Chemistry
15-1xx Programming requirement