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Recent Videos

Teamwork follows three biological sciences majors from the soccer field to the lab. 

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs and Associate Teaching Professor Maggie Braun inspires students through interdisciplinary research.

This summer, some of the best high school math students came to CMU for the MAA's Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program. Learn more about what they learned. 

Physics Professor Curtis Meyer talks about his particle physics research. 

For National DNA Day (April 25) we asked MCS students and faculty what was "in their DNA."

What's the most beautiful equation in Math? Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences Po-Shen Loh tells us. 

In honor of Pi Day (March 14), Carnegie Mellon celebrates pi...and pie.

Watch Physics Professor Jeff Peterson talk about the recent discovery of a Fast Radio Burst. 

Learn more about CMU's BrainHub neuroscience initiative. 

Watch Chemistry Professor Krzyzstof Matyjaszewski talk about atom transfer radical polymerization, his career and experiences at Carnegie Mellon.

Watch Lord Professor of Chemistry Neil Donahue talk about his research on atmospheric aerosols. 

Watch physics major Brooke Kuei (S'15) give the student address at the 2015 Commencement Ceremony.

Watch students talk about undergraduate research at Carnegie Mellon. 

Watch Physics Major Corrine Vassalo talk about working on CMU's entry for the Google Lunar X Prize. 

Watch Mathematical Sciences Professor John Mackey talk about teaching equations and teaching success. 

View more videos on the Mellon College of Science YouTube Channel.