Multimedia-Mellon College of Science - Carnegie Mellon University

Watch Physics Professor Jeff Peterson talk about intensity mapping, a new technique for mapping the universe and studying dark energy.  Video courtesy of the National Science Foundation.

Watch Chemistry Professor Krzyzstof Matyjaszewski talk about atom transfer radical polymerization, his career and experiences at Carnegie Mellon.

Watch Chemistry Professor Krzystof Matyjaszewski and his research group accept the 2009 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Watch Physics Professor Barry Luokkala talk about MCS's Science and Science Fiction course.

Watch Rocky Kolb give MCS's 2009 Buhl Lecture, "The Mysteries of the Universe."

Watch Physics Professor Manfred Paulini talk about the science behind "Angels & Demons."

Watch Mathematical Sciences Associate Professor John Mackey and other Carnegie Mellon faculty members get "pi'd" at the annual Pi-A-Professor Day.

Watch Chemistry Professor Hyung Kim and Associate Professor Dave Yaron lead a discussion on the future of open-access in chemistry.

Watch Vice President for Research and Chemistry Professor Rick McCullough discuss Carnegie Mellon's roll in developing solar technologies.

Watch alumnus Bruce McWilliams talk about MCS's Bruce & Astrid McWilliams Center for Cosmology.

Watch Chemistry Professor Terry Collins talk about green chemistry.