Past Winners-Mellon College of Science - Carnegie Mellon University

Past Winners


Merit: Raymond Nardozzi, Procurement and Facilities Manager (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center )

Rookie: Patricia Hredzak-Showalter, Lab Manager for the Undergraduate Labs (Biological Sciences)

Special: John Porco, contracts officer in the Office of Sponsored Programs

Outstanding Achievement:

  • Philip Blood, Senior Computational Scientist (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)
  • Mark McElhaney, Laboratory Technician (Chemistry)
  • Patsy J. McCarthy, Assistant to the Head (Mathematical Sciences)
  • Donya Parker, Administrative Coordinator (Biological Sciences)
  • May Simaan, Assistant to the MCS Associate Dean and the Director of the Health Professions Program (MCS Dean's Office)
  • Maria Wilkin, Administrative Assistant (Physics)


Merit: Stella Andreoletti, Student Programs Coordinator, (Mathematical Sciences)

Rookie: Tara Primiero, Undergraduate Programs Administrator (Biological Sciences)

Special: FMS Mellon Institute Crew: Chuck Garvey, Matt Godlewski, Craig Hahn, Darryl Harper, Rodney Hickman, Mike Hirsh, Dave Howard, Tom Kelly, Al Koll, Ron Novak, Dave Saunders and John Shade

Outstanding Achievement:

  • Amanda Bodnar, Secretary (Physics)
  • Ferna Hartman, Departmental Secretary (Mathematical Sciences)
  • Irina Khersonsky, Research Associate I (Biological Sciences)
  • Melissa Lessue, Office Assistant, Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Sciences (MCS Dean's Office)
  • Sara Wainer, Administrative Coordinator (Chemistry)
  • Joel Welling, Senior Scientific Specialist (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)


Merit: Patsy J. McCarthy, Assistant to the Department Head, (Mathematical Sciences)

Rookie: Jay DePasse, Senior Computational Public Health Applications Specialist (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)

Special: NONE

Outstanding Achievement:

  • Kathy Benninger, Manager of Networking Research (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)
  • Charles Gitzen, Storeroom Manager (Physics)
  • Irina Khersonsky, Research Associate I (Biological Sciences)
  • Seth Miller, Principal Programmer and System Administrator (Chemistry)
  • Jeff Moreci, Business Manager (Mathematical Sciences)


Merit: Kristen McConnell, Publications Coordinator & Webmaster (Biological Sciences)

Rookie: Heather Corcoran, Secretary (Physics)

Special: Communications Design and Photography, MI Team: Ken Andreyo (photographer), Jordan Bush (design & production) and Tim Kaulen (photographer)

Outstanding Achievement:

  • Jae Cho-Zollinger (Chemistry)
  • Stella Andreoletti (Mathematical Sciences)
  • Albert Brunk (Physics)
  • PSC Business Office Team: Erica Anderson, Dave Kapcin and Raymond Nardozzi (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)


Merit: Timothy Sager, Business Manager (Chemistry)

Rookie: Montel Rudolph, Business Office Coordinator (Physics)

Special: Jennifer McNabb, Assistant Director (Office of International Education)

Outstanding Achievement:

  • Al Scheuring (Biological Sciences)
  • Mike Karabinos (Chemistry)
  • Nancy Watson (Mathematical Sciences)
  • Amy Woodhall and Kaitlin Mueller (Physics)
  • PSC Systems Support Team: Steve Cunningham, Adam Fest, Shane Filus, Ken Goodwin, Ed Hanna, Brian Johanson, Joe Lappa, Susan Litzinger, Ray Nardozzi, Clint Perronne, Jason Sommerfield, Bryan Webb (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)


Merit: Ena Miceli, Coordinator of Graduate Student Affairs (Biological Sciences)

Rookie: Christine Gilchrist, Program Coordinator (MCS Dean’s Office)

Special: Teresa Violi Trombetta, Assistant Director, Development Events (University Advancement)

Outstanding Achievement:

  • Tatyana Aleynikova (Biological Sciences)
  • Adrian Dumitrasc (Mathematical Sciences)
  • Gary Wilkin (Physics)
  • John Urbanic (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)


Merit: Stella Andreoletti (Mathematical Sciences)

Rookie: Lillian Crawford (Chemistry)

Special: Kristen Rotolo (pre-award administrator in the Office of Sponsored Programs)

Outstanding Achievement:

  • Hilary Homer (Physics)
  • Jeff Moreci (Mathematical Sciences)
  • Phyllis Poznik (Biological Sciences)
  • Raghurama Reddy (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)


Merit: Michelle Waters (Pittsburgh NMR Center)

Rookie: Jacob Czech (PSC)

Special: Lori Bell (Human Resources)

Outstanding Achievement:

  • Shawn Brown (PSC)
  • Mary Placeway (Physics)


Merit: Donna Thomas (Physics)

Rookie: Pallavi Ishwad (PSC)

Special: NONE

Outstanding Achievement:

  • Al Scheuring (Biological Sciences)
  • Georgene Wittig (Chemistry)
  • Patsy McCarthy (Mathematical Sciences)
  • Michelle Waters (Pittsburgh NMR Center)
  • Al Brunk (Physics)
  • Paul Nowoczynski (PSC)


Merit: Joseph Sapienza (Chemistry)

Rookie: Alyssa Mayfield (MCS Dean’s Office)

Special: George Papuga (Lead Operating Engineer, FMS Operations)

Outstanding Achievement:

  • Ena Miceli (Biological Sciences)
  • Joyce Von Vreckin (Chemistry)
  • Florin Manolache (Mathematical Sciences)
  • Karey Day (Phyiscs)
  • Nick Nystrom (PSC)


Merit: The Supercomputing Conference (SC) Exhibition Core Team (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)
Vivian Benton, Janet Brown, Ken Goodwin, Ken Hackworth, John Kochmar, Clint Perrone, Stuart Pomerantz

Rookie: Pat Sudac (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)

Special: NONE

Outstanding Achievement:

  • Erin Martin Kratt (Biological Sciences)
  • Bob Greco (Chemistry)
  • Ferna Hartman (Mathematical Sciences)
  • Amy Pavlak (MCS Dean's Office)
  • Donna Thomas (Phyiscs)
  • Kenneth Goodwin (PSC)


Merit: Brenda L. Chambers (Chemistry)

Rookie: Patrick Carr (Physics)

Special: Renee Starek (Career Center)

Outstanding Achievement:

  • L. Patsey Haddock (Chemistry)
  • Mary Jane Hutchinson (Physics)
  • Clinton A. Perrone (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)
  • Jennifer A. Sciullo (Biological Sciences)
  • Nancy J. Watson (Mathematical Sciences)


Merit: Robert Dalmasse (Chemistry)

Rookie: Ray Nardozzi (PSC)

Special: Kathleen Bossick (MI Library)

Outstanding Achievement:

  • Stella Andreoletti (Mathematical Sciences)
  • Andrew Potratz (Chemistry)


Merit: Cynthia Davis (Biological Sciences)

Rookie: Nicole Pavetti (Biological Sciences)

Special: NONE

Outstanding Achievement*:

  • Kenneth Hackworth (PSC)
  • Margie Zamborsky (MBIC)

*The Outstanding Achievement Award was new in 2003


Merit: Mary Placeway (Physics)

Rookie: Nicole Reading (Chemistry)

Special: NONE


Merit: Geraldine “Gerry” Rensko (PGSS)

Rookie: Katya Malkin (MCS Dean’s Office)

Special: Joe Sullivan (OSR)


Merit: Francine Pugsley (MCS Dean’s Office)

Rookie: Lisa McGaw (Biological Sciences)

Special: Al Baker (FMS)


Merit: Gary Ludwig (Biological Sciences)

Rookie: Lynn Kachman (Chemistry)

Special: Office of Sponsored Research (team award)


Merit: Donald Williams (Pittsburgh NMR Center)

Rookie: Terri Jones (Physics)

Special: John “Jack” Thorpe (MI Copy Center)


Merit: Nancy Schaub (Mathematical Sciences)




Merit: Charles Gitzen (Physics)




Merit: Ellen Reichenbach (Chemistry)

Rookie: NONE

Special: Eugene Rossi (CMRI Messenger Service)

(1995 was the first year of the MCS Staff Awards)

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