2011-2013-Mellon College of Science - Carnegie Mellon University

College Council 2011-2013

College Council meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Documents

Minutes 08-Oct-2013

Agenda items:

  1. Proposal for new Mathematics Course - Intermediate Logic - 21-400 (pdf)
  2. Proposal for modification of Physics Elective and Technical Electives (pdf)
  3. Approval of new Introductory Biology Course - Basic Science to Modern Medicine - 03-132 (pdf)
  4. Approval of Principles of Biotechnology as a Biological Sciences Elective - 03-370 and 03-770 (pdf)
  5. Graduate Course Offering - Proposal Preparation and Peer Review - 03-747 (pdf)
  6. Approval of Special Topics for CMU Qatar - 03-409 (pdf)
  7. MCS Handbook Reorganization/MCS Online Awards Information (pdf)

Minutes 09-Apr-2013

Agenda items:

  1. Proposal for new Biology Laboratory Course – 03-346 (pdf)
  2. Approval of New Introductory Biology Course – Genes, Drugs, and Disease – 03-131 (pdf) (syll pdf)
  3. Approval of New Microbiology Graduate Course – 03-791 (pdf)
  4. Approval of Expansion of an existing mini courses to full semester courses – 03-327/03-727 (pdf)
  5. Approval of change in course number for Applied Cell and Molecular Biology – 38-709 > 03-709

Minutes 4-December-2012

Agenda items:

  1. Proposal for a new Chemistry Courses:  Catalina Achim: 09-122 Molecular Tools for Biological and Chemical Studies, 09-524/09-724 Environmental Chemistry (09122 pdf) (09524 pdf)
  2. Proposal to add 21-122 as a prerequisite to 21-259: Bill Hrusa (pdf)

Minutes 21-Feb-2012

Agenda items:

  1. Hyun Kim: Proposal for New Chemistry Courses:  09-323  Bioorganic Chemistry Laboratory (pdf)
  2. Nathan Urban: Neuroscience Minors (pdf)
  3. Bill Hrusa: Suggested changes to the B.S. in Mathematical Sciences degrees with concentrations in Mathematics, Operations Research and Statistics, Statistics, Discrete Mathematics and Logic, and Computational and Applied Mathematics (pdf)

Minutes 28-Mar-2011

Agenda items:

  1. Roy Nicolaides - New Courses

Minutes 23-Feb-2011

Agenda items:

  1. Roy Nicolaides/John Mackey – Approval for New Course 21-124 “Calculus 2 for Biologists & Chemists” (pdf) (pdf-add'l)
  2. Roy Nicolaides - Change the title from "B.S. in Mathematical Sciences Degree with concentration in Operations Research" to "B.S. in Mathematical Sciences degree with concentration In  Operations Research and Statistics" (pdf)
  3. Nathan Urban - Approval for New Neuroscience Course 03-364 (pdf)
  4. Nathan Urban - Approfval for new Evolution mini courses 03-326/03-726 and 03-327/03-727 (pdf)
  5. Greg Franklin - Increasing the units of 33-231 and 33-232 by one unit each (pdf)
  6. Greg Franklin - Addition of 09-105/107 as a prerequisite for 33-355 (pdf)
  7. Greg Franklin - Proposed Graduate Course Name Changes (pdf)
  8. Eric Grotzinger - Approval for 38-052 Curricular Practical Training Mellon College of Science (pdf)
  9. Eric Grotzinger - Modification to the guidelines for nomination for the Julius Ashkin Teaching Award (pdf)