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Student Profiles

The Mellon College of Science is home to an exceptional group of students who excel and pursue exciting endeavors both in and out of the classroom. Learn more about some of these individuals:

photo name major
photo of Amer Al-Khouja Amer Al-Khouja
Undergraduate researcher, adventurous learner
photo of Victor Bass Victor Bass
Biological Sciences major, SRI participant, TutorNet volunteer
Biological Sciences
photo of Sankalp Bhatnagar Sankalp Bhatnagar
Math and communication design student, filmmaker
Mathematical Sciences and Communication Design
photo of Maddi Brumbaugh Maddi Brumbaugh
Double major in Physics and International Relations and Politics, particle detector builder
photo of Ashley Disbrow Ashley Disbrow
Space Camp attendee, water polo player
photo of Shannon Gallagher Shannon Gallagher
Judith Resnik Award winner
Mathematical Sciences
photo of Sam Gutkind Sam Gutkind
Published author, world traveler
Mathematical Sciences
photo of Taylor Hersh Taylor Hersh
Marine biology student, sea turtle healer
Biological Sciences
photo of Brooke Kuei Brooke Kuei
Science writer, energy science researcher
photo of Evan Liu Evan Liu
Rubik's Clock world record holder
Mathematical Sciences
photo of Kathryn McKeough Kathryn McKeough
Physics and statistics double major, Pugwash president, tennis player
photo of Ashley Reeder Ashley Reeder
Cancer researcher, future physician
photo of Lea Veras Lea Veras
Chemistry graduate student, Leadership Development Award recipient
photo of Sam Zbarsky Sam Zbarsky
Physics Olympiad Silver Medalist
Mathematical Sciences


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