Additional Prestigious Fellowships and Honors-Mellon College of Science - Carnegie Mellon University

Additional Prestigious Fellowships and Honors

Undergraduate student fellowships and honors

American Society for Microbiology Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Name Year Department
Abigail Simmons 2012 Biological Sciences
David Huang 2011 Biological Sciences
Sharon Briggs 2009 Biological Sciences

Churchill Scholar

Name Year Department
Judy Savitskaya 2012 Biological Sciences
Rebecca Krall 2011 Physics
Swati Varshney 2010 Chemistry

Department of Homeland Security Scholar

Name Year Department
Courtney Sobers 2007 Chemistry
Claire M. Tomesch 2005 Mathematical Sciences

Fulbright Scholar

Name Year Department
Steve Aro 2011 Chemistry
Jane Herriman 2011 Chemistry
Gregory Newby 2009 Biological Sciences

Fulbright U.S. Student Program in Indonesia

Name Year Department
Eda Akyar 2011 Biological Sciences
Rashi Venkataraman 2008 Biological Sciences

National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science, Inc. (GEM) Fellowship

Name Year Department
Halimatu Mohammed 2007 Chemistry
Ericka Anderson 2004 Biological Sciences

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Exceptional Research Opportunities Program

Name Year Department
Damiola Phillips 2008 Chemistry
Bertrade Mbom 2007 Biological Sciences

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellowship

Name Year Department
Bertrade Mbom 2008 Biological Sciences

Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Scholar

Name Year Department
Sharon Briggs 2009 Biological Sciences
Justine Harkness 2009 Biological Sciences

MechE Boeing Scholarship

Name Year Department
Sean Lubner 2009 Physics

National Institutes of Health Cancer Research Training Award

Name Year Department
Blake Sweeney 2008 Biological Sciences

Phi Kappa Phi Award of Excellence

Name Year Department
Elizabeth Wiltrout 2007 Chemistry

Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship

Name Year Department
Lindsay Costantino 2006 Biological Sciences
Bethany Lehman 2004 Chemistry

Rhodes Scholar

Name Year Department
Mindy Hebert 2002 Biological Sciences
Cindi Dennis 2000 Physics

SMART (Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation) Scholarship

Name Year Department
Elaine Lee 2009 Mathematical Sciences

United Negro College Fund/Merck Undergraduate Science Research Scholarship

Name Year Department
Xochina El Hilali 2010 Chemistry
Ericka Anderson 2003 Biological Sciences

USA Today College Academic All-American Scholar

Name Year Department
Jeffrey Walch (honorable mention) 2002 Biological Sciences
Nicholas Fitzkee 2001 Physics
Cindi Dennis 2000 Physics
Julie Balch 1999 Biological Sciences

Graduate student fellowships and honors

Achievement Rewards for Collegiate Scholars (ARCS)

Name Year Department
Shawn Burton 2011 Biological Sciences
Andrew DeYoung 2010 Chemistry

American Chemical Society Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research

Name Year Department
Wenwen Li 2011 Chemistry
Renaud Nicolay 2009 Chemistry
Nicolay Tsarevsky 2004 Chemistry

American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

Name Year Department
Jeong-Ah Kwan 2001–2002 Biological Sciences

Bayer Fellowship

Name Year Department
Racquel Jemison 2012 Chemistry
Ke Min 2003 Chemistry

Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad

Name Year Department
Mingjiang Zhong 2012 Chemistry
Wenwen Li 2011 Chemistry
Huifeng Qian 2011 Chemistry
Haifeng Gao 2008 Chemistry
Chuanbing Tang 2005 Chemistry

Hertz Fellowship

Name Year Department
Michael O'Kelly 2000 Mathematical Sciences

IBM Fellowship

Name Year Department
Abraham Flaxman 2005–2006 Mathematical Sciences

Jefferson Lab Ph.D. Thesis Prize

Name Year Department
Biplab Dey 2012 Physics
Mike Williams 2008 Physics

Kenneth Hancock Scholarship in Green Chemistry

Name Year Department
Ke Min 2006 Chemistry
Nicolay Tsarevsky 2003 Chemistry

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship

Name Year Department
Kim Zanotti 2007 Chemistry

National Institutes of Health National Research Service Award

Name Year Department
Shawn Burton 2013 Biological Sciences
Edward Horsey 2001 Biological Sciences

National Institutes of Health National Service Award

Name Year Department
Kenneth Hovis 2007 Biological Sciences

National Institutes of Health Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

Name Year Department
Charlotte Jennings 2009 Biological Sciences

National Research Council of Thailand in the Agriculture and Biology Category, Thesis Award

Name Year Department
Piyanun Harnpicharnchai 2007 Biological Sciences

National Starch and Chemical Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Polymer Chemistry

Name Year Department
Nicolay Tsarevsky 2008 Chemistry

Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada Graduate Fellowship

Name Year Department
Christopher Almost 2008 Mathematical Sciences

P.E.O. Scholar Award

Name Year Department
Amy Sage 2006–2007 Chemistry

Portuguese Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship

Name Year Department
Luis Coelho 2008 Biological Sciences

Teresa Heinz Scholar for Environmental Research

Name Year Department
Deboshri Banerjee 2005 Chemistry
Anindya Ghosh 2003 Chemistry

United Negro College Fund/Merck Graduate Science Research Dissertation Fellowship

Name Year Department
Elizabeth Ransey 2012 Biological Sciences

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science Graduate Fellowship

Name Year Department
Danielle Chirdon 2012 Chemistry