Guidelines-Carnegie Mellon's Mascot - Carnegie Mellon University


1.    Professor Cartwright, Jennifer Neubauer or a member of the Highland Ambassadors must be present for all
       Scotty appearances. Ideally, requests should be made at least a month before the requested appearance
       takes place.

2.    The length of the mascot’s entire appearance – from the time Scotty is picked up to the time she is dropped
       off – should be less than one hour.

3.    While at an event, Scotty’s outfit should never be “accessorized” with clothing or props.

4.    Scotty should never be fed anything other than the dog treats provided by the caretakers.

5.    It is unlikely that Scotty will be able to appear at events after 9 p.m.

6.    Priority will be given to official university events and events with appeal to Carnegie Mellon alumni.