Appearances-Carnegie Mellon's Mascot - Carnegie Mellon University

Appearances at Campus Events and Social Functions

Scotty will attend as many university events as possible. University-sponsored activities (e.g., Homecoming, Commencement) and athletic events have a priority.

Whenever possible, Scotty will also appear at other events or gatherings as requested by Carnegie Mellon students, faculty and alumni.

Scotty’s availability will depend on:

  • The nature of the event
  • The location and time of the event
  • Whether Professor Cartwright or a Highland Ambassador is available to staff Scotty at the event
  • Whether or not Scotty has a prior commitment during the requested time

As a rule, only those events held on campus will be considered. For additional information, please contact the Alumni Office.

To request an appearance, fill out the Mascot Request form and return to the Alumni Office via email.

Request an Appearance