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Pull-up Banners


CMU offers a variety of branded graphic displays for the entire campus community to use. They are versatile, durable and lightweight, making it easy to transport and set-up. Check out the Banner Graphics section below to view all the available graphic displays. If you'd like to print a list of all event items, download the event display catalog [.pdf].

All banners are 34” x 84” when they’re set up. They easily roll into their base and fit into a carrying bag, which is 3' long and weighs approximately 10 pounds with a banner inside. Pull-up banners are for indoor use and may be borrowed by university personnel free of cost. Please note, however, that Campus Mail charges a delivery fee of $10 per banner.

These banners can be used for various audiences. Here are a fewexamples:

  • Global banners are ideal for audiences that include government/corporate partners or media
  • Tartan banners can be used for audiences that include current students, faculty, staff, alumni etc.
If you have questions about which banners would be appropriate for a particular event, please contact Nancy Stiger.

To order, go to the event display order form.


Assembling the Banners

  1. Remove the banner and pole from the carrying case.
  2. Set the banner in place and swivel the bottom piece of metal so it's perpendicular with the rest of the banner base.
  3. Put the pole together by allowing the elastic to pull the three pieces into place.
  4. Place the hook located on the top of the banner into the hole at the top of the pole and use the pole to raise the banner. (Hint: Step on the perpendicular piece of metal to keep the base of the banner in place on the ground.)
  5. Slide the bottom of the pole into the round hole attached to the back of the banner base.

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