Begin a Project-Communications Design and Photography Group - Carnegie Mellon University

How To Get Started With CommDesign

To initiate a project with CommDesign, call or email us and we’ll provide a free consultation with one of our project managers—by phone, email or in person—whatever is most convenient for you. Our project manager will outline the process from start to finish, to help you complete your job on strategy, on time and on budget.

Once the scope of your need is determined, the project manager will introduce a designer, photographer or both to work on a solution for you. And before work begins, the project manager will create an estimate based on the project scope discussed and will include proofreading services as necessary.

CommDesign exclusively serves the campus community. An advantage to working with CommDesign is that we are part of the university’s Marketing Communications Department and we were part of the development of the university’s brand guidelines. CommDesign produces custom solutions, within these guidelines, at a rate competitive with outside vendors. If there are budget restrictions, let us know upfront—we are willing to work with you to find your best possible solution.

Ask Yourself These Questions

To provide you with the best approach to your project, during the initial consultation the project manager may ask many of the following questions:
  • What is the nature of your project? (i.e., event? creative piece? photography?)
  • Who is your audience?
  • What action would you like them to take or what message do you want them to walk away with?
  • How does your audience prefer to receive your information? (i.e., print, web, video, specialty items)
  • What is the approval process on your end? This is important in generating a timeline to meet your deadline.
  • Is there an existing budget range?


  • How will the piece be distributed? (i.e., U.S. mail, campus mail, inserted with other items) – This information will help us spec out any additional costs to your project.
  • What is your quantity?


  • Is there a specific location required or would you like us to scout locations based on what kind of composition you’re looking for in the photo?
  • If an event, what is the date, time and location?
  • Who is the main subject or other important people?
  • How long would you require a photographer?
  • Are we shooting this for a specific format? (i.e., website banner, brochure cover, etc.)
  • What is your turnaround time for delivery of the photos?