Using Social Media-Marketing & Communications - Carnegie Mellon University

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites offer a valuable way to engage students, alumni and the public in the life of the university. However, it is important that we ensure a united presence so that users have a clear understanding of who we are.

Marketing & Communications oversees the central Carnegie Mellon presence on several social networking sites and evaluates whether to launch a presence on new sites as they become available.

Keep in mind that all identity guidelines apply when it comes to social networking sites. We can offer guidance if you’re unsure about how to properly use a logo or have other questions about branding issues in these venues. Also, please respect the social media guidelines [.pdf].

In some cases, it may be best for a group to use existing university-level channels to broadcast their message, and Marketing & Communications will work with them to make this happen. In other cases, it may be most useful for a group to create their own presence. Contact us before you create your site, so that we can discuss naming, graphics, etc. to help you get started.

Before you embark on creating your own social networking sites, explore some of Carnegie Mellon's existing sites, including:

Some ways in which we partner with groups in social networking include:

  • YouTube: uploading videos or identifying groups on our "other channels" sidebar
  • Facebook: posting updates about campus news and events
  • Twitter: "retweeting" in order to boost followers and disseminate news
  • iTunes U: loading audio podcasts or synching an RSS feed of content