Brand Guidelines-Marketing & Communications - Carnegie Mellon University

Brand Guidelines

The University Identity System

The university's marketing communications experts periodically assess our graphic identity, refresh the brand standards and respond to the campus community's needs for more relevant brand identity guidelines.

The identity guidelines provide a framework for you and your department's current graphic identity.

  1. We encourage the use of our university wordmark graphic for all official university business.
  2. The acronym CMU is permitted under specific parameters that are outlined in the guidelines. Refer to the merchandise guidelines for use of the graphic. 
  3. The University Seal graphic is permitted for formal use only and permission must be granted.
  4. All university entities are encouraged to adopt unitmarks when you are ready to update your graphic identity.

Note: The university trademarks are controlled under a licensing program administered by Carnegie Mellon University's Trademark Licensing Office and cannot be used by any external organization without legal authorization.