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Yuebin Yu

PhD. Candidate
Center For Building Performance and Diagnostics
Carnegie Mellon University

MMCH415, 5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-268-6943
Email: yuebinyu AT gmail DOT com

Personal Website: Click Here


(2003) MS. HVAC Engineering. Hunan University, China
(2008) MS. Architecutral Engineering. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

Professional Memberships:

ASME Student Member, ASHRAE Student Member, IBPSA-USA Student Member


  • Advanced, Integrated Control for Building Operations to Achieve 40% Energy Savings (DOE grant, 1.77 million, ongoing)
  • 50% to 80% Reductions Energy Consumption for a U.S. Army Battalion Headquarters Building (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)
  • Children's Community Pediatrics/GIL Medical Office Environment Study (University of Pittsburgh, Medical Center)

Research Interests

  • Building Systems Integration and Advanced Control
  • Sustainable Building Energy System
  • Computational Fluiddynamics for Built Environment

Latest Resume

      Daihong Yu, Yuebin Yu


Journal Article

Peer Reviewed Conference Article

  • Yuebin Yu, Vivian Loftness, Daihong Yu, and Volker Hartkopf. Development and Evaluation of a Simplified Modeling Approach for Hydraulic System. Proceedings of 2nd International High Performance Building Conference, 2012. Purdue.
  • Yinliang Xu, Kun Ji, Yan Lu, Yuebin Yu, and Wenxin Liu. Optimal Building Energy Management Using Intelligent Optimization. 2013
  • Kun Ji, Yan Lu, Zhen Song and Yuebin Yu. Energy Management Control Framework of Optimization Control and Operation for Energy Efficient Builidngs. Proceedings of ACEEE 2012.
  • Yuebin Yu, Vivian Loftness, Daihong Yu, Yan Lu, Zhen Song. Development of Innovative Energy System and Its Advanced Control in EnergyPlus. Proceedings of eSim 2012.
  • Zhen Song, Yan Lu, Kun Ji, Flore Marion, Yuebin Yu, Marion Kerl, Linxia Liao, Dong Wei. Experimental Study on Control-oriented Simulation Models for Building Control and Energy Management. Building Simulation 2011, Pp: 562-568..
  • Yuebin Yu, Mingsheng Liu, Daihong Yu, Vivian Loftness. An Integrated Air Handling Units in Office Buildings for Energy Efficiency. International Symposium on Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (ISHVAC2011). Vol. 4, Pp: 1265- 1271.
  • Yuebin Yu, Bing Dong, Daihong Yu and Omer Karaguzel. Application of System Identification and Numerical Optimization to a Floor Radiant Heating Control in a Solar House. (R1-TS65-OP03). Proceedings of CLIMA 2010. Turkey.
  • Yuebin Yu, Bing Dong, Yang Hu. Simulation-Based Hybrid Ventilation System Design and Evaluation. (3409). Proceedings of 1st International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference. 2010.
  • Young-Hum Cho, Mingsheng Liu and Yuebin Yu. Optimal Terminal Box Control Algorithm for Single Duct Air Handing Units. Proceedings of Energy Sustainability 2008. ASME.
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  • Zhan Wang, Gang Wang, Ke Xu, Yuebin Yu, and Mingsheng Liu. Achieving High Chilled Water Delta T in District Cooling Plants. Proceedings of ICEBO 2007. California.
  • Yuebin Yu and Guoqiang Zhang. Modeling on VOCs Diffusion, Emission & Distribution of Building Materials. Proceeding of Simulation Analysis Group, HVACR Engineering Academy 2004, Pp: 185-197.
  • Guoqiang Zhang and Yuebin Yu. Research and Development of Indoor Air Quality in China. Proceeding of Indoor Air'2002, Vol. 2, Pp: 1014-1019. CA, USA.

Internal Report

  • Vivian Loftness, Yuebin Yu, Yang Hu. Steps to Achieving 50% to 80% Energy Reductions for U.S. Army Battalion Headquarters Buildings (1, 2, 3, 4).
  • David H. Archer, Yuebin Yu, Yang Hu and Flore Marion. Children's Community Pediatrics/GIL Medical Office Environment Study.

Book chapter (Chinese)

  • Indoor Air Quality. China Architectural and Building Press.


  • 48722 - Building Performance Modeling, Khee Poh Lam. Heat Transfer, Energy Modeling Tools and Analysis Skills (EnergyPlus, eQuest, Spreadsheet Modeling), Building Performance Enhancement.


Making Things Interact (the report), Embedded Control System, Linear Control System, Mechanical System Control, ...