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IWESS News and Events

  • Yang Hu and Youbin Yu have recently joined the IWESS team as PhD. students. Yang joined in the Fall of 2007 with a focus on HVAC equipment testing including a Broad Fan Coil and taking over the operation of the solar thermal driven absorption chiller and steam driven absorption chiller. Youbin has experience in building systems commissioning and will be taking the lead on a new project with Giant Eagle to recommission their grocery stores. He will also be contributing in the comissioning of existing and new IWESS components.
  • We are sad to say the Chaoqin Zhai, Hongxi Yin, and Ming Qu have departed the IWESS team for new positions. Chaoqin is now employed by United Technologies - Carrier and both Hongxi and Ming have accepted faculty positions at Purdue University.
  • The final report for the Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory was completed and turned in on May 22nd.
  • The National Science Foundation has turned down a proposal from the IWESS team to turn the completed portions of IWESS into an online course that would be shared with Howard Univesity and the Milwaukee School of Engineering to start. The comments from NSF were constructive and we have been encouraged to make changes and reapply in January.
  • The IWESS website went live on November 20th, 2007!  Significant assistance has been provided by Len Lanphar,Web Developer from CMU's ACIS, and Jay Brown from Marketing Communications.
  • Proposals Submitted:
      • A Concentrating Solar Thermal Power/Heat Generation System: 3 years, $500k
  • GOOD NEWS and bad news. The GOOD: Flore Marion has received her MS in HVAC from Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse (France), and will return to the IW to continue her work on the simulation of the Biodiesel fueled engine generator with heat recovery. The bad: Sophie Masson has moved to Richmond, VA with her Fiance Benoit Durandeux. However, Viraj and Yun are picking up her fan coil simulation project and continuing the simulations.
  • CFD studies have been initated on both the fan coil installations and operable window installations with Rui Zhang of CBPD and Rong Li of Mechanical engineering supported by Khee Poh Lam of CBPD and Jessica Zhang. 
  • Hu Yang and Hongxi will also be working on CFD simulations of Broad fan coils as a support system for design, installation, operation of fan coils. 
  • Ming Qu is looking to complete her work on the parabolic trough solar collectors by the end of the calendar year before the arrival of her and Hongxi's second child.
  • Chaoqin is looking to complete her work on the solid desiccant dehumidification ventilation system with enthalpy recovery early next year.
  • The biodiesel installation was completed on August 30th, and commissioning is underway. The biodiesel team looks forward to the first set of experiments on the 26th of October. 
  • ABSIC has been scheduled for the 11th and 12th of December, 2007. Click on Workshops for additional information on the consortium meeting as it becomes available. 
  • John Fischer of Semco has agreed to supply new fans and a new heat exchanger to heat air for the regeneration of the solid desiccant using hot water from either the solar or biodiesel installation.
  • Semco, John Fischer, is supplying two replacement enthalpy recovery wheels for installation in the ventilation system of CMU's New House dormitory.  These wheels will replace those of a competitor that failed in early operation.  We of the CBPD will assist in monitoring the performance of these replacement wheels.