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Solid Desiccant Based Ventilation System

A Semco REV 2250 ventilation unit coupled with an FVR 2000 enthalpy recovery module, has been provided to the IW by Semco and the U.S. Department of Energy. They were installed and commissioned during the winter of 2005-2006 as part of the IWESS project.  The installed system is highly instrumented for the purpose of control and performance monitoring. The system has been operated continuously after its installation to provide ventilation as well as cooling/heating to the IW. Extensive testing data have been collected and analyzed in order to characterize the operating performance of each component and the overall system.

The objectives of this effort are:

  • to explore the benefits provided by separation of building ventilation from space cooling/heating;
  • to understand the advantages of water based space cooling and heating over convective and radiant units;
  • to investigate how an active desiccant dehumidification system enables the existing radiant and convective cooling/heating units in IW to operate more effectively and therefore to provide more thermally comfortable conditions to the occupants;
  • to understand the design and operating performance of solid desiccant coated air dehumidification and enthalpy recovery wheels.

A comprehensive test program covering a broad range of outdoor conditions and system operating conditions is being conducted. After the testing period, the work on the Semco system will continue to develop further its effectiveness, efficiency, and functionality and also as well to provide conditioned ventilation air to the occupants of the IW.

SEMCO REV 2250 and FVR 2000
 Figure 1 SEMCO REV 2250 and FVR 2000 Installed in the IW 


Chaoqin Zhai – PhD. candidate