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Installation and Commissioning 

Installation of the combined system was finished within one day on 10 November 2005. It replaced a previous Semco unit which was used as the ventilation unit for the IW. The Semco FVR 2000 and REV 2250 were provided as a self contained system, greatly simplifying the installation.  The installation crew put in a curb adaptor, placed the machine, and then connected the gas line, electrical supply, air duct, and the internet connection for data acquisition and control. A curb adaptor was needed to match the air supply and return ducts to the IW.

System commissioning followed directly after the installation. It was done by a crew of two from Semco. During the commissioning, the outside and building exhaust air flowrates through the FRV 2000 unit were adjusted by dampers. The total air flowrate of the machine was set by adjusting the fan frequency and verified in the air duct to the IW.  The bypass damper around the desiccant wheel was adjusted. The system performance was then continuously monitored for 12 hours; the operational data were archived and analyzed to ensure the system was operating optimally.